ImmunoReagents and ProteoVec Transform Antibody Purification with Kit Announcement

News Release, Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 11:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time

RALEIGH, NC, USA – April 21, 2015 – Leading Life Science Reagent Manufacturer ImmunoReagents joins forces with Bioseparations Technology Innovator ProteoVec to transform antibody purification. As part of a strategic corporate alliance, the two companies announce commercial availability of the first of a series of PV-Pure Ig™ microscale antibody purification kits for use by researchers in the diagnostics, academic, pharmaceutical and life-science fields.

“This first kit can be used for many human and mouse immune globulins, some of which are poorly bound by Protein A”, said ProteoVec’s CEO Dr. David Spencer. “New kits in the near future will broaden use even further, across a wide range of species.”

“The ability to selectively capture antibodies from both cell culture media and serum with a resin using a non-protein-affinity ligand is a substantial step forward for antibody researchers,” said ImmunoReagents CEO Dr. Ann Black. “We think the gentle elution conditions and ability to capture a broad range of antibodies will make PV-Pure Ig a new first-line analytical tool.”

About ImmunoReagents, Inc.

ImmunoReagents is a leading global manufacturer of quality antibodies and reagents used in research and in vitro diagnostics. Product offerings include a wide range of immunochemistry reagents such as purified immunoglobulins, primary antibodies and secondary antibodies covering a broad spectrum of immunoglobulin from various species. ImmunoReagents also provides custom manufacturing to meet specific customer requirements while adhering to cGMP guidelines and ISO quality systems requirements. The Company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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About ProteoVec, Inc.

With operations in Louisiana and North Carolina, ProteoVec has developed the LigaTrap technology: a platform for generating highly stable low molecular weight affinity ligands attached to resins or membranes. The first product from this technology is PV-Pure Ig, designed for ultra-high density capture of an unusually broad range of recombinant monoclonal and human/animal source polyclonal immune globulins.

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