Product Spotlight: Super Shield™ HRP Conjugate Stabilizer

ImmunoReagents will be giving away free samples of Super Shield™ HRP Stabilizer with upcoming shipments. This stabilizer was developed to prolong the life and stability of your HRP conjugates while eliminating troublesome non-specific antibody interactions. Super Shield™ can be used to rehydrate our freeze dried/lyophilized HRP conjugated antibodies. It can also be used to dilute the HRP conjugate for use in ELISA/Western Blot testing applications, and can be used directly as an assay buffer. By using this product instead the product will be highly stable.


Benefits of Super Shield™

  • No Mammalian proteins
  • Founded on SureGuard chemical technology
  • Minimizes background issues
  • Eliminates BSE regulatory concerns
  • Stable through freeze cycles
  • Superior stabilizer