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Molecular model of antibody taking part in immune defense. Molecule of immunoglobulin, 3D illustration

Immunoglobulins (IgG’s) can be used as heterophilic blocking agents for many in vitro diagnostic applications to prevent false positive results.

The addition of immunoglobulins are intended to block undesirable reactivity within the assay. A well-known example of heterophilic reactivity is HAMA. Mouse IgG has the capacity to reduce HAMA reactivity when testing human patient samples with mouse monoclonal antibodies.


Specifications of Bulk IgGs

Purification: Protein A or Protein G

Purity: 95% based on SDS PAGE

Concentration: 8-12 mg/ml

Form: Liquid or Lyophilized

Unit Sizes: 100 mg / 500 mg / 1 gram / 1 kg


Name Part #
Hamster IgG Ha-003-Z
Human IgG Hu-003-C
Goat IgG Gt-003-Z
Mouse IgG Mu-003-C
Rabbit IgG Rb-003-C
Rat IgG Rt-003-Z
Sheep IgG Sh-003-Z


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