ImmunoReagents, Inc. Releases LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Resin and Kit

News Release, ImmunoReagents, Inc. Releases LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Resin and Kit April 18, 2017 RALEIGH, NC, USA –ImmunoReagents, Inc. is excited to add Human IgM Purification Resin and Kits to its portfolio of LigaTrap™ purification products. IgM monoclonal antibodies are offering increased promise in their use as potential therapeutic agents, as well as for research[…]


LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Kit and Resin

IgM monoclonal antibodies have become increasingly favorable for their use as therapeutic tools, while remaining popular for their research and diagnostic applications. Protein A and G chromatography continues to lead the life science industries for the purification of IgG, but these methods have proven unsuitable for the purification of IgM antibodies. In addition to increased[…]

New LigaTrap™ Purification Kit and Resin (Llama IgG)

LigaTrap Llama IgG Purification Kit and Resin Flyer LigaTrap™ purification kits and resins are convenient and easy-to-use. Simply add the sample to the resin, mix and centrifuge. The purification protocols provide for fast recovery of pure antibodies for screening in your end-use assay. Multiple samples can be processed at the same time, resulting in rapid[…]

Carolina Tech News Interview with ImmunoReagents Founder Dr. Ann Black

RALEIGH, N.C. — ImmunoReagents President/CEO Ann Black, Ph.D. is living the mantra of making lemonade out of lemons in the face of life-changing professional challenges, while contributing innovative approaches to in vitro diagnostics and life science research. Her unique story is part of this CarolinaTechNews Q&A, following her company’s participation in the recent CED 2016[…]

ImmunoReagents Introduces LigaTrap™ Purification Resins and Kits

News Release, February 15, 2016 RALEIGH, NC, USA –ImmunoReagents is proud to announce LigaTrap™ purification resins and kits. LigaTrap™ technology utilizes novel, patented ligands, designed for antibody purification. Each kit includes 10 spin columns filled with LigaTrap™ resin and buffers needed to capture species-specific antibodies. LigaTrap™ resins bind an exceptionally broad range of recombinant, monoclonal,[…]

New Product: Rabbit anti-Human Resistin – Affinity Pure

Description: Rabbit anti-Human Resistin – Affinity Pure Price: $231.00 Applications: This antibody is suitable for all immunoassay applications. The optimal working dilution should be determined by the investigator. Disclaimer: For in vitro Laboratory Use Only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use. Not for human or animal consumption. Suggested applications of our products are not recommendations[…]